Here's a short PDF of a power point presentation that summarizes the meta analyses, problems with pro mask papers, results of surgeon mask studies, and some of the dangers of masks. 

Links below to other mask research summaries and others that share excellent information regarding masks and covid policy. 

Clear Mask Demos

In addition to the research, we can see the clear evidence that masks don't work with our own eyes. Respiratory viruses are spread by infectious aerosols and droplets. Masks may catch droplets if you're sneezing or coughing, but they just redirect the aerosols in "hazardous jet streams".  This is why masks have not stopped the spread of SARS-CoV2 anywhere. 

Dr's vape test
Virologist demo
Man failing miserably to show masks work
The dancers
Unhealthy level of CO2 under the mask
Reduction of blood oxygen with mask during exercise

Contact Your Legislator

Just enter your address and your legislators' contact information will come up:  Or google "find my legislator [your state]. Contact them to let them know that mask mandates are not backed by science, and might be harming us. 

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